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Granite Kashmir White Kitchen


About This Granite Kashmir White Kitchen

First off, we would like to thank Dana from for allowing us to use her kitchen as an example of what kashmir white granite looks like installed. She has an excellent blog that shares how she and her husband are tweaking their second home. She provides amazing photos of their progress and wonderful blog posts talking about how and what they did. This kashmir white kitchen is her second kitchen. Her first kitchen featured an absolute black granite countertop.

What Does Kashmir White Granite Look Like?

Kashmir white granite is true to its name. It is a primarily white granite color with speckles of blue, gray, beige, and even some black. One of the wonderful things about granite is that every piece is unique to itself.

Effects of Light on Kashmir White Granite

Remember that different hues of light can effect how kashmir white granite looks. If your kitchen or bath has yellow lights, then your granite will look like more of a yellow or beige color. If your light is more white, it will highlight the beautiful white color that kashmir white is so well known for.

Yellow Lights on Kashmir White Granite



Eloquent Kashmir White Granite


All photos have been used with permission of Dana from If you wish to use her photos, you must first get permission from Dana.

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